Save the bears, stop cruel keeping!

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€ 15 - Anonymous
€ 5 - Jøran Igland
€ 25 - Anonymous
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€ 15 - Leslie Sodaro

There are approximately 50 bears kept in cruel conditions across Albania, suffering in terrible, inappropriate conditions. They are kept in tiny cages or shackled in chains as tourist attractions or paraded on beaches and tourist hotspots acting as photo props. The bears spend their entire lives in misery, simply for the entertainment and profit of humans.  

FOUR PAWS has rescued six of the saddest bears. We need your support for housing, veterinary care and food for the coming years.

At the same time we hope to raise awareness for the problem in Albania and encourage the Albanian Ministry of Environment to become responsible, implement and enforce a ban on cruel keeping and furthermore build a state-run sanctuary for other bears

Help the saddest bears in Europe! Donate now!

Where does your donation go?

Housing of Albanian bears and care for 4 years (food, medical care): €100.000 

Enlargements of enclosures in BEAR SANCTUARY Prishtina:     €25.000

Awareness raising measures in Albania:                                       €25.000